Views_as_tables Parameter In Datapump Of Oracle 12c

VIEWS_AS_TABLES parameter has been introduced in datapump of 12c. With this, we can export a view from a source database and import as a table in a target database. Create a view:

  Take export of this view as a table using views_as_tables parameter:

Now drop the view and import the same from the […]

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LOGTIME=ALL Parameter In Datapump Of Oracle 12c

Introduction: –  As Oracle user, we are learning Oracle export/import from 9i still changes are going on. 12c has introduced LOGTIME=ALL Parameter In Datapump. We are going to know about LOGTIME=ALL Parameter In Datapump in 12c. Data Pump Export is a utility for unloading data and metadata into a set of operating system files called a dump file […]

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