Basic of Data Pump in Oracle

This post is going to explain about the Oracle Data Pump. We may find n number of articles on Google regards, Oracle DataPump. Let’s add one more. Being Oracle DBA we must explore Oracle RDBMS as much as possible to be veteran in our field. Normal water become Lemonade after adding lemon as we can see the […]

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Views_as_tables Parameter In Datapump Of Oracle 12c

VIEWS_AS_TABLES parameter has been introduced in datapump of 12c. With this, we can export a view from a source database and import as a table in a target database. Create a view:

  Take export of this view as a table using views_as_tables parameter:

Now drop the view and import the same from the […]

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LOGTIME=ALL Parameter In Datapump Of Oracle 12c

Introduction: –  As Oracle user, we are learning Oracle export/import from 9i still changes are going on. 12c has introduced LOGTIME=ALL Parameter In Datapump. We are going to know about LOGTIME=ALL Parameter In Datapump in 12c. Data Pump Export is a utility for unloading data and metadata into a set of operating system files called a dump file […]

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