This post is going to explain about the Oracle Data Pump. We may find n number of articles on Google regards, Oracle DataPump. Let’s add one more. Being Oracle DBA we must explore Oracle RDBMS as much as possible to be veteran in our field. Normal water become Lemonade after adding lemon as we can see the additional feature in RDBMS becomes more useful and valuable.


As we know what is the purpose of Data Pump let’s have a quick review with technical definition.

Oracle Data Pump technology enables very high-speed movement of data and metadata from one database to another. Oracle Data Pump is available only on Oracle Database 10g release 1 (10.1) and later

Table Export/Import:

Import with Remap Schema

Export Metadata Only


  • ALL loads any data and metadata contained in the source. This is the default.
  • DATA_ONLY loads only table row data into existing tables; no database objects are created.
  • METADATA_ONLY loads only database object definitions; no table row data is loaded.

Schema Exports/Imports

Remap Schema

Remap Tablespace

Database Exports/Imports

Tablespace Exports/Imports

The TABLE_EXISTS_ACTION parameter for Data Pump impdp provides four options:

  • SKIPis the default: A table is skipped if it already exists.
  • APPEND will append rows if the target table’s geometry is compatible. This is the default when the user specifies CONTENT=DATA_ONLY.
  • TRUNCATEwill truncates the table, and then load rows from the source if the geometries are compatible and truncation is possible. For example, it is not possible to truncate a table if it is the target of referential constraints.
  • REPLACEwill drops the existing table, then create and load it from the source.

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