Downgrading a RAC database from to

In the last article, we performed downgrade of Oracle Standalone Database from 12c to 11gR2. In this article, we can downgrade the 2 node RAC database to, downgraded the database only and not the grid home. Assume all commands are being run on node 1, any commands that need to be run on node 2 […]

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Downgrade Oracle Database from 12c to 11gR2

We have already upgraded Oracle Database11gR2 to 12c, the whole process is still relatively smooth, although some of the previous version of the upgrade is not the same, but the overall difficulty is not too large, because of too many different features, greatly extended the upgrade time. But for Oracle 12c back to the previous […]

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Difference Between Virtual Index and Invisible Index

Virtual Index Virtual indexes allow us to simulate the existence of an index and test its impact without actually building the actual index. Only sessions marked for Virtual Index usage will be affected by their existence. Their creation does not affect new sessions. Virtual indexes will be used only when the initialization parameter “_use_nosegment_indexes” is […]

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Virtual Index or Fake Index in Oracle

Oracle has come up with a feature called virtual index in oracle 9i. This feature allow us to test an index on a table without actually adding an index on the table. The table will be visible only in our session and will be used by our queries only (if optimizer decide it to use). […]

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Create Database using DBCA silent mode

DBCA is great tool to create database using GUI , but sometimes when we don’t have access to GUI, we can still create database using DBCA silent mode creation where you need to pass silent option with dbca and some parameter values to create database. In following example we have used template General_Purpose ,   […]

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RMAN maxpiecesize command

Use of RMAN maxpiecesize command To avoid large size of backupset we can set maxpiecesize of rman backup piece. I have taken following backup without setting any parameter :

By list backup command we can see all details of backup , here we can see my backup set size is 1013.84M.

now configure […]

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ORA-16179 incremental changes to “log_archive_dest_10” not allowed with SPFILE

You might encounter ORA-16179 error while changing the archive destination.

There is syntax error in above command . It should be like log_archive_dest_n [n is a integer from 1 to 31]=’LOCATION=path_for_archive_log’ example :

Thank you for giving your valuable time to read the above information. If you want to be updated with all […]

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Running Oracle on Docker

I must thank my fellow DBA Franky Weber Faust for his publication in his blog. If you want to know about Basic about Docker in the Oracle Hi everyone, here in a very brief post I will show you how to upload Oracle in a Docker container. Following the DevOps wave, this week I’m doing a course and knowing […]

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Move Datafile From File System To ASM Disk In 11g

Today, we are going to learn about those steps which use to move Datafile from file system to ASM disk in Oracle 11g.Being an Oracle DBA we have deep knowledge of Datafiles. We know there importance of Datafiles in the database. Somes lines explain about the technical definition. A data file is a file that is […]

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Restore the spfile while using the FRA & not using Recovery Catalog

Today we are going to learn about recovery with rman for loss of spfile. As we know that RMAN can be used either with or without a recovery catalog. A recovery catalog is a schema stored in a database that tracks backups and stores scripts for use in RMAN backup and recovery situations. Generally, a skillful DBA […]

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