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If you want to know about Basic about Docker in the Oracle

Hi everyone, here in a very brief post I will show you how to upload Oracle in a Docker container.

Following the DevOps wave, this week I’m doing a course and knowing some tools, Docker is one of them.

So far I have not found it useful in the database world, but I still know little about it.

What the article is about:

This article will introduce you how to use a ready-made image of Oracle Database 11g XE and run it in Docker.

In what situation is the topic useful?

This feature is useful for learning technology in Docker. Consider this article as an initiation in the technology in question, I will not comment or recommend its use.

Docker installation

The first step is to install Docker in your environment. In my case I’m using Ubuntu 16.04:

To install Docker run:

Downloading the Oracle image from the Docker Store

Now let’s look for an Oracle image available in the Docker Store:

Let’s download the wnameless/oracle-xe-11g image to use in our container:

The download is done in small parts with the “docker pull” command.

When the download completes you can list the downloaded image:

Uploading the oracle container
Now let’s upload our container using the wnameless/oracle-xe-11g image:

Note that the container is “Up“:

Working in the oracle container
To switch your session to the oracle container, do the following:

Notice that the prompt has changed to the hostname of the oracle container.

Make sure that the hosts file is configured with the hostname in question:

Check the IP of the container:

Switch your session to the oracle container user:

Start the Listener:

The Listener did not go up because the listener.ora file is not properly configured for the hostname of the container. Look:

Let’s change it by replacing it with the correct hostname:

Try to reload it again:

Finally, access SQL * Plus and start Oracle Database:

Well, that’s what I had to show today. The tests are up to you.

To remove the container and image run the following commands:

Thank you for giving your valuable time to read the above information.

In the next post, I will configure Oracle Weblogic with Docker.

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