After upgrading to Oracle 12.2, we face the issue of RDBMS DST timezones.Then either check support id 1585343.1 or else follow the below step 1.Connect to “sqlplus” and run the “upg_tzv_check.txt” file. If you want to download the content of upg_tzv_check

2. Now check the current timezone.

3. Now run the “upg_tzv_apply.txt” file. […]

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Manual upgrading Oracle database 11gR2 to 12cR2

Manual upgrading Oracle database 11gR2 to 12cR2 If you want to know how we upgrade an database to using DBUA, click here. This article explains how to upgrade and above, and to manually. Manually upgrading to 12c There are many DBAs who don’t want to follow the recommended way of upgrade […]

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Catalog Database Configure

Description:    RDB1 as TARGET SERVER                         RDB2 as CATALOG SERVER  create a database using DBCA on catalog server as catalog database i.e. RDB create a service in target server for the catalog server connection. check service alias using TNSPING servicename(EX:TNSPING RDB2) in terminal […]

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