Using the Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA)

The Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) is an Oracle-provided diagnostic tool that captures data about your database environment and packages it into a web page report. When submitting a Service Request to Oracle Support, you will often be asked to run the Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) and upload the results.  This allows the support analyst to review […]

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Methods for viewing SQL Execution Plans

Using Autotrace SQL> set autotrace traceonly explain SQL> select ename from emp where sal > 500; Execution Plan ———————————————————- Plan hash value: 2872589290 ————————————————————————- | Id | Operation | Name | Rows | Bytes |Cost (%CPU)| Time | ————————————————————————- | 0 | SELECT STATEMENT | | 1 | 25 | 2 (0)| 00:00:01 | |* […]

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Quiescing a Oracle Database

There are times when a DBA needs to perform work on the database that requires no other ACTIVE sessions. This is very common is development databases, where a DBA tries to run a package or a modify a table when the application is till running. There are also frequent occurrences where too much IT support […]

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Oracle Proxy Users

If you have required privileges, it’s possible to connect as a user account without knowing or changing his password. This is called proxy connection. To authorize a user account to connect using a proxy account, use the GRANT CONNECT THROUGH clause of the ALTER USER statement. Consider, we have a Application User called ‘APPUSR‘ and […]

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ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kwqitnmphe:ltbagi]

Recently started seeing this error on few of the RAC environments.

As per metalink this is a known Bug 20987661 – Doc ID 20987661.8

This works until the database is restarted i.e. we’ll have to execute it every time, we restart the database. I’ve seen this in 11204 and 12102 both. As per […]

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ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [ksprcvsp:ksfdread_resilver]

On an Oracle 11204 restart environment, ASM spfile creation failed with error ora-600

Fixed the problem, by adding the disk in ASM diskgroup

Post this change, I was able to create spfile without any issue. Metalink Doc ID 2096227.1

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ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kzsrgpw]

Recently I started getting ORA-00600 error, while I was trying to connect to SQLPlus

This was caused due to a corrupt password file. Re-creating password file fixed the issue.

Metalink Doc ID 1073283.1

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HugePages for Oracle

If you run a Oracle Database on a Linux Server with more than 16 GB physical memory and your System Global Area (SGA) is greater than 8 GB, you should configure HugePages. For large SGA sizes, HugePages can give substantial benefits in virtual memory management. Without HugePages, the memory of the SGA is divided into […]

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Enabling Flashback Database in Oracle

Oracle Flashback Database, allows to quickly recover the entire database from logical data corruptions or user errors. It is very similar to PITR (Point In Time Recovery) which puts back the database to a state at a particular time in recent past. 1. Place your database in mount stage.

2. Set DB_FLASHBACK_RETENTION_TARGET to the requried […]

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Enable Archive Log Mode In Oracle RAC

1. stop the database service.

2. start the database in mount state.

3. enable archive log mode.

4. Restart the database service (using srvctl)

5. set the archive destination to a ASM DISK

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