Today we are going to have look at a different topic of Oracle Database. As we all are aware that language is the most important and common element which we use in daily life. We can find the different county with different language. For more friendly nature oracle provides a parameter by which we can set language and the territory.

We human being are same but in different territory, we have different language and different lifestyle. As we are working on Oracle RDBMS we find that it works on different langue to make better understanding the users need.

Let’s look on “NLS_LANG Environment” on Oracle.

As we know globalization impacts a lot of technology. To perform coordination between Oracle components and windows we have to set some parameters.

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  1. Determine the current NLS_LANG value in the database


In the above case value for NLS_LANG is SWEDISH_ SWEDEN. WE8MSWIN1252

  1. Set NLS_LANG Value in client



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