Drop a Oracle RAC Database

I am demonstrating how we can drop the database in RAC environment manually in Oracle12c( version. I have two node RAC and the database name is TEST.  The instance names are TEST1 & TEST2. Verify the instance

2. Stop the entire cluster environment

3. Start only one instance to edit the cluster_database parameter to […]

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An Introduction of Virtualization in Oracle RAC

To provide best solutions to business issues in any organization has to set up its infrastructure. In the world of technology, business focus on it’s better setup of IT departments. Day by day new technology introduces by the champions of IT. New requirements of clients demand new technology as soon as possible. For providing better services organizations […]

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New Background Processes in Oracle 12c

List of New Background Processes in Oracle 12c Name Expanded Name Short Description Long Description External Properties AQPC AQ Process Coordinator Per instance AQ global coordinator AQPC is responsible for performing administrative tasks for AQ Master Class Processes including commands like starting, stopping, and other administrative tasks. This process is automatically started on instance startup. […]

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Background Processes in Oracle ASM

Once the ASM instance is started, all the basic background processes, as well as some that are specific to the operation of ASM, are started. Notice that all the ASM processes begin with asm, whereas the RDBMS instance processes begin with ora. On Unix, the ASM processes can be listed using the following command: ps […]

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Background Processes in Oracle RAC

Oracle RAC Background Processes Image Source The GCS and GES processes, and the GRD collaborate to enable Cache Fusion. The Oracle RAC processes and their identifiers are as follows: 1. ACMS: Atomic Controlfile to Memory Service (ACMS) In an Oracle RAC environment, the ACMS per-instance process is an agent that contributes to ensuring a distributed […]

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Quiescing a Oracle Database

There are times when a DBA needs to perform work on the database that requires no other ACTIVE sessions. This is very common is development databases, where a DBA tries to run a package or a modify a table when the application is till running. There are also frequent occurrences where too much IT support […]

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Startup And Shutdown Modes Of An Oracle Database

An oracle database can be started in various modes. Each mode is used by the DBA’s to perform some specific operation in the database. Nomount State:  We can bring database to nomount state from shutdown state. When we start an oracle database in nomount state then oracle will create the oracle instance. The instance is […]

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RAC : 11gR2 Clusterware Startup Sequence

Here is the brief explanation that how the clusterware brings up step by step . 1. When a node of an Oracle Clusterware cluster start/restarts, OHASD is started by platform-specific means. OHASD is the root for bringing up Oracle Clusterware. OHASD has access to the OLR (Oracle Local Registry) stored on the local file system. […]

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Back Up & Restore an Oracle ASM Password File with pwget Command

In this article we are showing how to backup and restore password file of Oracle ASM with pwget command. pwget Purpose Returns the location of the password file for the Oracle ASM or database instance. pwcopy Purpose Copies an Oracle ASM or database instance password file to the specified location. pwset Purpose Sets the location […]

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Different ways to find spfile location in Oracle RAC

1. By using SqlPlus

2. By using ASMCMD find command

3. By using spget command

4. By using crsctl command

5. By using gpnp tool Note: mostly used when ASM is not up.

6. From alert.log

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