The olsnodes command provides the list of nodes and other information for all nodes participating in the cluster.

You can use this command to quickly check that your cluster is operational, and all nodes are registered as members of the cluster. This command also provides an easy method for obtaining the node numbers.

oracle@vgeb07hr:/dev/mapper [+ASM1]# olsnodes -h


olsnodes [[-n] [-i] [-s] [-t] [node_name | -l [-p]] | [-c]] [-g] [-v]
Command Description
-n Lists all nodes participating in the cluster and includes the assigned node numbers.
-i Lists all nodes participating in the cluster and includes the Virtual Internet Protocol (VIP) address assigned to each node.
-s Displays the status of the node: active or inactive.
-t Displays node type: pinned or unpinned.
node_name Displays information for a particular node.
-l [-p] Lists the local node and includes the private interconnect for the local node. The -p option is only valid when you specify along with the -l option.
-c Displays the name of the cluster.
-g Logs cluster verification information with more details.
-v Logs cluster verification information in verbose mode. Use in debug mode and only at the direction of My Oracle Support.

To find all node in clusters

oracle@vgeb07hr:/dev/mapper [+ASM1]# olsnodes -i -n -s -t
vgeb07hr 1 vgeb07hr-vip Active Unpinned
vgeb08hr 2 vgeb08hr-vip Active Unpinned
vgeb09hr 3 vgeb09hr-vip Active Unpinned
vgeb10hr 4 vgeb10hr-vip Active Unpinned
vgeb11hr 5 vgeb11hr-vip Active Unpinned

To find local node name with private interconnect.

oracle@vgeb07hr:/dev/mapper [+ASM1]# olsnodes -l -p

To find cluster name

oracle@vgeb07hr:/dev/mapper [+ASM1]# olsnodes -c

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