Describe the CDB root and pluggable database containers

In the previous article, we have explored Multitenant architecture. Introduction of Multitenant Architecture We have heard this word container database and pluggable database many times after 12c came into the market. Today we will see what does it mean by a pluggable database and container database. Container Database and Pluggable Database : In a multi-tenant […]

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ORA-65179 PDB in Oracle 12c

While dropping the PDB, we receive the error like cannot keep datafiles for a pluggable database that is not unplugged.


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Creating RAC database With PDBS

In this Article we will Create RAC Database with PDBS using DBCA. Step 1 : Once you use dbca , first screen that will open is as below select Create Database and click  next: Step 2 : Select Advanced Mode and click Next Step 3 : Select RAC database as database type and Admin Managed […]

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Plug Single Instance PDB to RAC CDB

In this article we will Plug Single Instance PDB to RAC CDB. Single Instance CDB Name Single Instance PDB Name RAC Instance CDB RAC Instance Name RAC Node  globdb pdb1 CDB1 RAC1 Node1 RAC2 Node2 Step 1 : Check status of Globdb and CDB1

Step 2 : Check details of globdb :

Step […]

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PDBs Backup (How to identify which PDBs a backup set belong to)

Introduction:- In this article, we are going to have look on PDBs backup.  Normally we have learnt about a different kind of backup available in  Oracle. In cloud computing, we have backups in PDBs. In RMAN we have a script to know about the backup history. Now we can get the information of PDB(backup).  n large scale industries have […]

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