In this article we will Plug Single Instance PDB to RAC CDB.

Single Instance CDB Name Single Instance PDB Name RAC Instance CDB RAC Instance Name RAC Node 
globdb pdb1 CDB1 RAC1 Node1
RAC2 Node2

Step 1 : Check status of Globdb and CDB1

Step 2 : Check details of globdb :

Step 3 : Close pluggable database before unplugging it :

Step 4 : Unplug pluggable database to xml file .

Step 5  : Drop pluggable database and keep datafiles :

Step 6 : Transfer xml file to RAC1 node.

Step 7 : Connect to CDB1 and check compatibility of pdb1 :

Step 8 : Check if any violation of pdb1 from PDB_PLUG_IN_VIOLATIONS :

We can ignore this as these are just warnings  .

Step 9 : Create pluggable database using xml file in CDB1 :

Step 10 : Check alertcdb1.log  , you will see output like following :

Step 11 :  Open pluggable database :

Step 12 : Open pdb1 in RAC2 :

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