Flashback in Oracle

We are going to have look at another part of the Oracle database. Flashback is going to be the topic of our discussion of today. Let’s start with its introduction after that with its example. Being DBA we have to make us familiar with Flashback technology. It is considered as a good feature of Oracle Database. What is […]

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Basic of Data Pump in Oracle

This post is going to explain about the Oracle Data Pump. We may find n number of articles on Google regards, Oracle DataPump. Let’s add one more. Being Oracle DBA we must explore Oracle RDBMS as much as possible to be veteran in our field. Normal water become Lemonade after adding lemon as we can see the […]

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Redolog in Oracle

As DBA we are aware that Oracle is a mixture of CRD files. Now we are going to have look at Redolog.     Let’s have a technical definition of Redolog. The most crucial structure for recovery operations is the redo log, which consists of two or more preallocated files that store all changes made to the database as […]

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Controlfile in Oracle Database

 Today we are going to have look at the most important element of the Oracle Databases.Being Oracle DBA we must have good knowledge about Controlfile. It plays an important role in Oracle Database. If something happens wrong with it we are not able to start our database. Let’s have some important knowledge about Controlfile. Whenever we […]

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Schedule rman backup in windows

We are going to learn about the steps which we will use for schedule rman backup in windows. Most probably Organisations use Linux and Unix OS as per there requirements but sometimes as per company’s requirements, we have to use windows. Here we are going to have look at the process of schedule rman backup in windows.   Let’s have look at it. […]

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Undo Segment is in Needs Recovery

Whenever we face any DBA interviews we have to go through some intersting topics interviewers ask. Undo Management is the most important part of DBA’s job responsibilities. This article will help you out to solve the issue when “Undo Segment is in Needs Recovery or Undo Segments are corrupted”    The database is shutdown and can’t […]

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Control file recovery

Today we are going to have look at the backbone of an Oracle Database. Being DBA we all are most aware of the recovery of the controlfile . It is the most important element of our database. Let’s have a look at the steps which are required for the recovery of controlfile. Instance terminates on startup with

Solution […]

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Being DBA, we all are well aware SCN. We all known about it’s important. SCN is the most important element of Oracle Database. It helps DBA in the Recovery Database.       Database SCN number some time is very important 1) Particularly when you are doing rman recovery 2) Filling gaps of archive logs between the primary […]

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vipca error in Oracle RAC

Today we are going to learn about the error occurs in the Oracle RAC environment. Vipca is not opening new configuration window and is giving error

To resolve this issue Perform two steps

Now again run vipca and worked fine

Thanks for giving your valuable time to read our post. Stay tuned […]

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kfed script for ASM disk troubleshooting

Today we are going to learn about the kfed “script for ASM disk troubleshooting”  As per our new DBA in the journey of Database we are normally known about troubleshooting regards errors, Now we are going to learn about disk troubleshooting. Few lines of this post explain the definition. The kfed is an undocumented ASM utility that is […]

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