How to connect to ASM Instance Remotely

Today we have looked over ASM Instance Remotely. We can see that the normal instance of RDBMS is different from ASM. Connect to ASM Instance Remotely Being DBA we are aware that By Default Oracle ASM don’t allow remote sysdba connection since ASM instance is in NOMOUNT state. You Might get ORA-12528: TNS:listener: all appropriate […]

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Writing data into OS text file from Database Using UTL_FILE

Today we are going to have a look at “how to write data into OS text file from Database Using UTL_FILE?” In the journey of DBA sometimes in some cases, we need to perform this activity. To prepare every time to let’s have look on the post. Before we start it we must know what does UTl_File […]

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Read Alert log from x$dbgalertext in Oracle

This post is small in content but most useful for all DBAs. We are going to have look at the most important part of Oracle RDBMS. Being Oracle DBA we all are well known about alert logs but few of us experts know how to read it. We re being a part of IT basic thing taught […]

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Shrink Lob segment in Oracle

Today we are going to have look on “Shrink Lob segment”. Before we start the article we must know about the heading. What does it stands every one must know. Shrinking Segments: Overview Shrinking a sparsely populated segment improves the performance of scan and DML operations on that segment. It resolves mainly two issues:- • Full table scans […]

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How to add Datafile in Oracle

Today we are going to learn about modifications of Tablespace. In production Database, we do update tablespace on daily basis. Being a DBA it must be on our key tips. Right decision on correct time is more fruitful. Being DBA our brain must be active about database health on daily basis we must do a modification […]

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How to Stop MVIEW from auto refresh

As we are well known that whole technology is getting change towards advancement. All things are working on automatic. Even software works on autonomous. In RDBMS we have a feature to stop automatic refresh MView.       Let’s have look how do we stop automatic refresh MView  Connect as mview owner.

You will see mview refresh job […]

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How to Flush Single SQL Plan out of Shared Pool in Oracle

Todays let ‘s have look at the query which we use to resolve this issue ” How to Flush Single SQL Plan out of Shared Pool”.      Find the address and the hash value

Execute the purge procedure

Thank you for giving your valuable time to read the above information. If you […]

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Check Materialized View Refresh Schedule in Oracle

This post is about the view which we use in Oracle. What is  Materialized View? The view which we use to make a replica of a target master from a single point in a time is known materialized view. As we know why do we need materialized view in Oracle? redesign the system and eliminate those […]

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Startup Procedure in Oracle

We are going to have look at the most basic but most important part of Database. It is the first step of Database. We can call it initial stage of Database. Let’s have look at this image. It indicates some hidden simple and most meaningful message. Ladders are to meant to climb only it shows we […]

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