Let’s have look on the steps used to solve the error Error(ORA-00031: session marked for the kill)

Let’s have look on the steps

Phase – 1

Find out thread id that needed to be killed from OS level

select vs.sid, vs.username, vs.osuser, vs.process fg_pid, vp.spid bg_pid from v$session vs, v$process vp where vs.paddr = vp.addr;

If you know the user detail you can filter the query.

 select vs.sid,vs.username,vs.osuser, vs.process,vp.spid from v$session vs, v$process vp where vs.paddr = vp.addr and vs.username='SCOTT' and vs.osuser='SCOTT';


---- --------------- ---------- --------- ---------
10 	SCOTT 	SCOTT      1965:6969       5292


Kill the session from OS level

Unix: Run in UNIX as the oracle/root user kill –9 spid

Example from the above output:

kill -9 5292  

Windows: orakill ORACLE_SID spid ORACLE_SID is the unique database name.

Example from the above output:

orakill cor 5292

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