Convert Non ASM database to ASM Database using Duplicate Database command

You can use these steps to migrate a NON-ASM database to ASM database in Oracle 11gR2. Prerequisite – ASM instance should be created and up and running. Single Instance Non ASM DB name Single Instance ASM DB name test testdb Step 1 : Check details of Single Instance Database :

Optionally, we can check size […]

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Fast Application Notification[FAN] Benefits :

For DBA, if a database is up and running, everything seems beautiful..!! But once a state change happens in a database, we don’t know will it take 2 min to overcome it or it will eat our infinite time. When we talk about Oracle RAC, we know there are multiple resources are available to give […]

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Converting an Administrator-Managed Database to a Policy-Managed Database

In this article, We can convert Administrator managed database to Policy managed database : First of all, let’s check the configuration of the database :

In above output, we can see the last line shows us my demo database is an administrator-managed database. Now next we need to create a server pool.

In […]

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Relocating Service in Oracle RAC

In this article, we will see Relocation of Service from One Instance to another Instance. I have service called myservice already running at orcl1 instance. Let us check status of myservice

Now relocate service from orcl1 to orcl2

-i represents an old instance -t represents a new instance Now check the status of […]

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Creating Deleting and Modifying Services in Oracle RAC

1.Creating Service in Oracle RAC : Step 1: To create a service in Oracle RAC

Here I have created service named myservice with preferred instance orcl1 and available instance orcl2. To check all available parameters of service creation :

Step 2: Check the status of service :

We can see here service […]

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Network link in expdp

The export operation is performed with data that is consistent up to the specified SCN. If the NETWORK_LINK parameter is specified, then the SCN refers to the SCN of the source database. Follow following steps to the export database using network-link. Source database: demo Target database: uat Database platform : Step 1 : Create a tnsnames.ora […]

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Fast Application Notification [FAN] overview

As the Oracle docs say, The Oracle RAC, FAN, Oracle 12c Fast Application Notification (FAN) feature provides a simplified API for accessing FAN events through a callback mechanism. This mechanism enables third-party drivers, connection pools, and containers to subscribe, receive and process FAN events. These APIs are referred to as Oracle RAC FAN APIs. If […]

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Grid Naming Service in Oracle RAC

When we use Oracle RAC, all clients must be able to reach the database. All public addresses, VIP addresses and SCAN addresses of Cluster must be resolved by the clients.And GNS[Grid Naming Service] helps us resolve this problem. GNS is linked to the domain name server (DNS) so that clients can resolve these dynamic addresses […]

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Miscellaneous Oracle RAC wait events

Miscellaneous Oracle RAC wait events 1. gc remaster : resource remastering happens based on 2 situation : 1.When Instance leaves or joins cluster. 2.Dynamic remastering from a less busy instance to an instance where demand for that object is too high.This is also called resource affinity. 2. gc cr grant busy : The gc cr […]

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Rebootless node fencing in Oracle RAC

Oracle Grid Infrastructure has many features including Cluster Node Membership, Cluster Resource Management, and Cluster Resources monitoring. One of the key areas where DBA need to have expert knowledge on how the cluster node membership works and how the cluster decides to take out node should there be a heartbeat network, voting disk or […]

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