In this article, We can convert Administrator managed database to Policy managed database :

First of all, let’s check the configuration of the database :

In above output, we can see the last line shows us my demo database is an administrator-managed database.

Now next we need to create a server pool.

In the above command, 0[-l] is the minimum number of servers you want in the server pool and 2[-u] is the maximum.

Now stop the database using srvctl or enterprise managed :

Modify the database to be in the new server pool :

Now see a configuration of a database using the following command :

We can see here Database is converted to policy managed database.

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  1. Naveen

    Thanks for sharing . what happens to the existing services that are defined on this database. for example if i have 3 node rac database and i have two services defined to run on first two instances with 3rd instance as available instance and third service to run on 3rd instance with 1st instance as available. how these services gets distributed among the server pool after it is converted to policy managed database

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