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Configuring Data Guard in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Assumptions: Oracle Data Guard is configured in OCI and it is up, running and synchronized.

You can check the dgmgrl configuration before starting switchover by login to the server using Public IP.

You can see SKANTORC_iad19m is in primary state and SKANTORC_iad134 is in a standby state.

Now in OCI console open Data Guard Association tab in the primary database. Click on that vertical ellipsis sign near Launched option.

You will see 3 options

  • Switchover
  • Copy Peer Database OCID
  • Copy Peer System DBID

Click on switchover.

Next, you will be asked for the database admin password. Enter the password and click on OK.

You will see Database in updating state and in few mins database role will be switchover.

You can check dgmgrl setting to view successful switchover operation.

You can see SKANTORC_iad19m was on primary role before and now is in standby role.

In the next post, we can perform patching of RAC in OCI.

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