Oracle Data Guard Broker automates configuration and monitoring tasks for data guard.

Data Guard Broker Architecture

With Oracle Data Guard Broker we can enable FAST_START FAILOVER which helps in case of crash scenario or inoperativeness of production, it directs Primary Database role to standby database in this scenarios.

It provides simplified switchover and failover operations.

Oracle Data Guard Broker has built-in monitoring and alert control mechanism.

Now let us see data guard configuration with and without data guard broker.

Without Oracle Data Guard Broker :

  • Without Data Guard Broker we need to monitor each standby database using views continuously or we need to configure extra scripts to monitor data guard.
  • Without Data Guard Broker we need to set up service manually which connects to an individual database.
  • To change parameters or something we need to manage individual database separately.
  • To perform failover or switchover operation we need to perform a sequence of steps.

With Data Guard Broker :

  • With Data Guard Broker we can monitor each database from a single client interface and data guard broker itself continuously monitors database.
  • We can configure and manage the database from the single interface.
  • We can manage configuration as one.
  • To perform a role transition we can do that with a single command.

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