This depend on distance between primary and standby and network bandwidth. So this feature that came with 12c resolve this situation. We are preparing a database one more. This database take archivelog primary database and then send this archivelog to standby. Primary and far sync standby database are sync, whereas far sync standby database and physical standby database are async.

Let’s begin with creating the physical standby with FAR SYNC instance in place.

First of all our  environment  information is following.

Name IP Database
Primary ORCL
Far sync ORCLFS

We continue with configuring the Far Sync instance . The Far Sync instance is not a full-fledged database. It consists only of a control file and redo logs .

Create directories

For storing audit information, I create a new directory. Likewise, all database-relevant files are stored in the file system and not as the primary database in the ASM .

Create Controlfile

The Far Sync instance needs a special control file . This must be created from the primary database.

Create pfile from spfile for far sync standby database in the primary database.

Copy passwordfile, controlfile and pfile from primary server

Adjust parameters

I will now adjust the parameter file for the Far Sync instance . To remember, I am using a copy of the parameter file of the primary database.

Copy controlfile and parameter file to true location

Add TNS entry to far sync standby database tnsnames.ora for primary,far sync and standby database.

Set oracle parameter  and start far sync standby database.

Using the DATABASE_ROLE column in the V$DATABASE View, you can see that it is a Far Sync instance .

Standby Redo logs

Creating Standby Redo Logs is a prerequisite for the Far Sync instance to use the synchronous transfer mode. Therefore, as with the primary database, standby redo logs are created.

Activation of log shipping

For the primary database to transfer the archive logs correctly to the Far Sync instance  , the corresponding archive destination must be activated.

Far sync standby database is ready.

Now we will prepare standby database and configure primary database for dataguard.

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