You can trace the archive logs on either the primary or the standby database by setting the log_archive_trace initialization parameter

alter system set log_archive_trace=8

Trace files located in user_dump_dest location.

On the primary database, the log_archive_trace parameter controls the output of the

  • ARCn (archiver)
  • FAL (fetcharchived log)
  • LGWR (log writer) background processes.

On the standby databases, it traces the work of the

  • ARCn
  • RFS (remote file server)
  • FAL processes.

You can specify any of 17 levels of archive log tracing.

0: Disables archivelog tracing (default)
1: Tracks archival of redo log file
2: Tracks archival status of each archivelog destination
4: Tracks archival operational phase
8: Tracks archivelog destination activity
16: Tracks detailed archivelog destination activity
32: Tracks archivelog destination parameter modifications
64: Tracks ARCn process state activity
128: Tracks FAL (fetch archived log) server related activities
256: Tracks RFS Logical Client
512: Tracks LGWR redo shipping network activity
1024: Tracks RFS Physical Client
2048: Tracks RFS/ARCn Ping Heartbeat
4096: Tracks Real Time Apply
8192: Tracks Redo Apply (Media Recovery or Physical Standby)
16384: Tracks redo transport buffer management
32768: Tracks LogMiner dictionary

If you specify Level 17, the trace file will include trace information from Levels 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16.

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