To disable Fast_Start failover apply following command :
When we perform above command Fast_Start failover is first disabled on target standby database with data guard broker then it is disabled from the primary database. Then these changes are propagated to all standby database present in the data guard broker configuration.
We can disable Fast_Start failover to prevent the observer from initiating a failover. If the Primary database and target standby database of Fast_Start failover does not have connectivity we can use FORCE option.
If this DISABLE FAST_START FAILOVER command is applied on primary database or on bystander standby database then it is disabled locally first then it is recorded in data guard broker metadata then data guard broker propagates these changed to all standby database which is configured in data guard broker configuration and has connectivity to the primary database.
Note: Observer is not stopped when we disable Fast_Start Failover.
Disabling specific condition in Fast_Start Failover :
Syntax :
Example: DISABLE FAST_START FAILOVER “Inaccessible Logfile”

Disabling FAST_START failover with FORCE option :

Step 1 :

Step 2: Checking Fast_start failover :

Step 3: I am trying to disable it in a normal way.

We can see here it returns the error.

Step 4: Stopping it with FORCE option.

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