In this article we will learn DR creation with log shipping :

Prerequisites : Source Database should be in Archive log mode .

Enable Archive Log Mode In Oracle RAC

Details :

Database Name Source DB IP DR DB IP

Step 1 : To create log shipping DR server force logging and supplemental logging should be enabled, if not enabled use following command to add force logging and supplemental logging at database level.

Step 2 :  Check size db_recovery_file_dest , it should be set according to your DB size.

Step 3 : Connect with RMAN and set controlfile autobackup on and redundancy as per your requirement.

Step 4 : Take rman backup with backup database command .

We can see here controlfile and spfile backup taken automatically.

Step 5 : Transfer backup to DR server.

Step 6 : Now connect to DR server.

Step 7 : Create necessary directory at DR server to restore database.

Step 8 : Transfer spfile from Source database . Before that as it log shipping server  we need to set user equivalence from DR to Source database .

User equivalence will allow us to password-less login that will help us to set automatic transfer of Archive logs.

Step 9 : Transfer spfile from source database to DR server.

We can see here , rsync has not asked us for password.

Step 10 : Start database in nomount stage.

Step 11 : Login to RMAN :

Step 12 : Restore controlfile from Autobackup :

Step 13 :  Change database stage to mount stage.

Step 14 : Restore database :

Step 15 : Transfer Archive logs generated after taking backup and recover database.

Step 16 : Transfer incremental archive logs from Source to DR and recover using following command :

Give auto when “recover database using backup controlfile ” command ask for it. It will automatically take path of next archive logs.

Now our DR server is all set for log shipping .

We just need to add script to make it Automatic , so it dont need much human intervene.I have added two scripts :

Run this script at Server’s console.

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