In Previous article we have seen Primary Database Preparation for Data Guard Configuration.

Setting the parameter on primary database for physical standby database.

In this article we will see Oracle Net Configuration on Primary and Standby.

Step 1 : Configure tnsnames.ora file at Production.

Here we can see two net services. TESTDB for Primary Database Connection and STD_TESTDB for standby database configuration.

Step 2 : We need to add static entry for standby database in listener.ora file at standby side.

Step 3 : Add net service entry in tnsnames.ora at standby side for Primary and Standby Database.

Step 4 : Start listener at standby side.

Step 5: Check tnsping for standby and primary from both side.

Primary Database :

Standby Database.

In next articles we will see creating standby database using different methods.

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