Today we are going to have a look on converting a standard cluster to flex cluster. I wish this information is useful for you.Oracle Flex Clusters contribute a platform for Oracle Real Application Clusters databases with stupendous numbers of nodes, to support massive parallel query operations. Oracle Flex Clusters also provide a platform for other service deployments that demand coordination and automation for high availability.

Converting standard cluster to flex cluster:-

The steps for converting a standard cluster to a flex cluster. There are two phases to converting a standard cluster to flex cluster. The first phase involves converting Oracle ASM to Flex ASM and second phase is to change the cluster mode to flex.

  • Current setup is a two node standard cluster.

  • There are few per-requisites to converting ASM to flex ASM, these include that OCR, SPFile and password file all stored in a disk group and this group have ASM compatibility (COMPATIBLE.ASM) set to 12.1 or higher. If this is not the case then make the necessary changes to move these files to disk group.

To start the first phase of converting to flex ASM run asmca and click on ASM instances tab. If role separation is used then make sure grid user has write permission for directory $ORACLE_BASE/cfgtoollogs as the conversion script is generated inside it.



Click convert to Flex ASM button. This would prompt to select a network interface for ASM communication and also to specify a port. The default port is 2222.


Conversion to flex ASM will continue restarting one node at a time.

When prompted execute the script on the same node ASMCA was run.

Output from execution :

End of the conversion the ASMCA will exit and console will have following output

This due to the restart of ASM and ASMCA unable to establish the connection. Re-run ASMCA and verify ASM instances are up an running. Notice the convert to Flex ASM button is not there anymore.

verify the ASM flex mode with asmcmd

Hope this article will help you. In the next article we will show how to convert Standard Cluster to Flex Cluster in Oracle RAC.

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