A lot of enhancements has been done in Oracle 12.2 Release.  In this article We will explain the new features of datapump utility in oracle 12.2 Release.

1.Parfile content  written to logfile:

Till now, log file of expdp or impdp, doesn’t store the content of parfile, The log file used to look as below.

So if the parfile is missing, From the logfile, we can’t find the details about the expdp/impdp.

With Oracle 12.2, The content of the parfile is written to logfile.

We can see that the parfile has been printed in the logfile. So no need to worry, if the parfile is missing 🙂


2. Parallel operation for metadata during expdp/impdp:

Till Oracle 12cR1, parallel operation doesnt work for expdp/impdp of metadatas. Even if we use more parallel option, it will take always 1 thread.

Lets try to both the 12cR1 and 12cR2 .


So in Oracle 12cR1, Despite giving parallel=4 , Only one worker process was allocated.

Lets try the same Oracle 12cR2(12.2)


So here we used parallel=4, and 4 worker processes were created. Which is a very important enhancement in term metadata expdp performance.
3. New substitution variable for DUMPFILE parameter

Now new substitution variable like %D,%M,%T etc is available for DUMPFILE parameter, which we use to suffix or prefix the timestamp in the dumpfile.

Other available variables:

%y, %Y Specifies the year in this format: YYYY. dumpfile=test_schema_%Y.dmp -> test_schema_2017.dmp
%d, %D Specifies current date in DD dumpfile=test_schema_%D.dmp -> test_schema_21.dmp
%m, %M Specifies current month in MM dumpfile=test_schema_%M.dmp -> test_schema_02.dmp
%t, %T Specifies the current date with YYYYMMDD dumpfile=test_schema_%T.dmp -> test_schema_20170221.dmp
%l, %L Specifies a system-generated unique file name dumpfile=test_schema_%L.dmp -> test_schema_01.dmp


Apart from above, there are few more features in datapump, Which we will discuss soon.


4. Import LONG column using NETWORK_LINK

Till Now, we are not able to import table with LONG column using NETWORK_LINK.  It throws below error during impdp.

ORA-00997: illegal use of LONG datatype error

But with 12cR2, we can import LONG column through NETWORK_LINK.

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