I must thank my fellow DBA Franky Weber Faust for his publication in his blog.
This is an article about Installing Oracle Database 12cR2 in text mode using the response file.

Oracle Database 12cR2 Installation Process via response file

This is the response file I used, feel free to download it: db_install.rsp. Adjust the response file according to your editing needs, directories, OS groups, etc.

Remember all the settings that must be made in the operating system before performing this step.

Let’s go to the Oracle Database 12cR2 installation process … Execute with the oracle user the Oracle Universal Installer (runInstaller.sh) passing the -silent parameter to start it in text mode, -showProgress to show the installation progress e -responseFile With the absolute path to the db_install.rsp file.

Run the root.sh script with root (in this case I did not need to run orainstroot.sh because Oracle Database 12cR1 was already installed):

Check the root.sh log and verify that it has successfully completed:



I hope it will be useful for any installations you may need to do. Any questions just leave a comment. In the next article we will see how to create the Listener and the database in text mode.

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