In these posts, we will see how we can unplug the application container and plug it into different CDB.

Step 1: Unplug application container.

It shows error ORA-65025: Pluggable database APP_PDB is not closed on all instances. 

Note: All application pdb must be unplugged prior to unplugging operation of application container.

Now let us see how many application pdbs we have in app_pdb application container and status of pdb.

Step 2: Change container to app_pdb.

Step 3: Show pdbs :

We can see here app_pdb have two application pdbs app_sal and orapdb1.

Step 4: Let’s unplug them first.

Step 5: Now let us unplug application container app_pdb :

Step 6: Connect to cdb where you want to plug application container :

Step 7: Create a pluggable database using the .xml file and give as application container clause :

Step 8: Open application container  :

Step 9: Check from v$pdbs view :

After plugging application container we can plug application pdb inside application container.

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