In this article we will apply the latest PSU applied to Database Home. 

Latest Patch : Database Jan 2020 Release Update : (30593149)

We need to initially download the desired PSU and My Oracle Support compatible OPatch utility (

  • Doc ID 2118136.2 -> Quick References to Patch Numbers for Database / GI PSU, SPU (CPU), Bundle Patches and Patchsets.
  • Doc ID 274526.1 -> How To Download And Install The Latest OPatch (6880880) Version.

The next step is to install OPatch in Database Home:

  • Find the Database Home.
  • Back up the old OPatch utility
  • Unzip the new OPatch in Oracle Home

Check the OPatch version. We upgrade the opatch utility as per README file in patch.

Now, shutdown the database.

Then stop the listener before patching.

Go to the directory where the patch has downloaded and unzip it.

Now, set the environmental varible and run the precheck for conflicts. If there is any conflicts, then contact Oracle Support for validation or merge patch if needed.

Finally, you can apply the patch.

Note: -silent is used to suppresses any user-interaction

You can cross check the patch with opatch utility.

Now, start the database & listener.

Run the datapatch to make the entry in database registry. 

If you are getting the error related to extjob0 and opatch has warning.

Then you need to rollback the patch and re-apply the patch. It will resolve your error.

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