In Oracle 12.2 there is a beauty in RMAN that we can restore a single pdb from whole CDB backup.

In this article, we will see how we can duplicate Single PDB from CDB backup What I have :

One CDB : CDB12

Three pdbs : pdb, pdb1, pdb2

What I will get :

One CDB : dupcdb

Two pdbs: pdb, pdb1

Step 1: Check Cdb Database

Step 2: Connect to RMAN with CDB$ROOT and backup database

Step 3: Transfer backup to the destination server

Step 4: Create pfile having just two parameters db_name and enable_pluggable_database

Step 5: Start the database in nomount mode

Step 6: Create tns entry for source pdb database in the destination server

Step 7: Connect RMAN target as a source CDB and auxiliary with destination cdb

Step 8: I just want pdb and pdb1 in my new cdb use “duplicate database to dupcdb database pdb,pdb1”

Step 9: Check pdbs in dupcdb[destination cdb database

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