In this article, we will see activating Encryption at pdb level. Before activating activation at pdb level we must open keystore at ROOT level else you will get error “ORA-46661: keystore not open in root container”.

Step 1: We need to set ENCRYPTION_WALLET_LOCATION in sqlnet.ora file

Step 2: Reload listener

Step 3: User who is invoking this operation must have  ADMINISTER KEY MANAGEMENT privilege. Now connect to cdb$root.

Step 4: Open keystore in the cdb$root

Step 5: Connect to pdb and grant ADMINISTER KEY MANAGEMENT privilege

Step 6: Open keystore at pdb level

Step 7: Let’s create one table with column encryption

Step 8: Insert records in this table

Step 9: Select record from this table

Step 10: Let’s simulate a scenario where I will close the wallet manually and will try to read encrypt column values

Step 11: Select record from details table

Step 12: Let’s reopen wallet and check the same operation

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