In RAC or ASM environment, we missed the ‘+’ sign while adding datafile in tablespace. we got error in ora-01110, ora-27037 in alert log.


1.  Find out the data file number( It is available in the alert log)
2.  use the rman to copy the data to ASM disk group.
3.  offline the data file
4.  copy the data file to the ASM disk group
5.  switch the data file from old name to new COPY file
6.  Recover the new data file
7.  make data file on line.


  1. Naresh

    I faced this issue .. where I first shrink 32gb data file to few MB than take image copy of data file after that switch.

  2. Tanuj Gandral

    Same happend to me. I firstly shrink the datafile,datafile offline,then took image copy and then switch,datafile online. It required downtime of approx 30-45 min for complete activity.

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