The generic steps to follow when adding the new node to the cluster are:

  • Install Operating System
  • Install required software
  • Add/modify users and groups required for the installation
  • Configure network
  • Configure kernel parameters
  • Configure services required such as NTP
  • Configure storage (multipathing, zoning, storage discovery, ASMLib?)

We assume that our OS,storage and network is already configured.

Below is /etc/hosts entry after creating the third node

As we can there is only two configured till now

Also check

  • /etc/sysconfig/selinux to ensure that SELinux is in the required state (permissive in my case)
  • chkconfig iptables –list to ensure that the local firewall is either off, or-in combination with iptables -L-uses the correct settings
  • NTP configuration in /etc/sysconfig/ntpd must include the “-x” flag. If it’s not there, add it and restart NTP

Run cluster verify to check that host03 can be added as node

Run the to add the node

Execute on node3  as root

Execute on node3  as root

To verify the cluster is added or not

we can also check as below

Thanks for reading this post, In the next article we can add database home in new node.


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