There are two methods to manage your cluster database.

  1. Administrator Managed database
  2. Policy Managed Database

Administrator Managed Database : In Administrator Managed database , a DBA manages each instance of the database by defining specific instances to run on specific nodes in the cluster.It is traditional way of cluster management.

Policy Managed Database : It’s a new method to manage clustered database.It is introduced to help implement dynamic grid configurations.                                                                                                                                            In Policy Managed database , DBA is required only to define the cardinality(number of database required).                Oracle Clusterware manages the allocation of nodes to run the instances and Oracle RAC allocates the required redo threads and undo tablespaces as needed.

Services For Administrator Managed and Policy Managed Database:

We can define services for both policy managed and admin managed database.Services for a policy-managed database are defined to a server pool where the database is running.

Service for Policy managed database are defined as UNIFORM and SINGLETON.

UNIFORM : Running on all instances in the server pool

SINGLETON : Running on only one instance in the server pool.For singleton services, RAC chooses on which instance in the server pool the service is active. If that instance fails, then the service fails over to another instance in the pool. A service can only run in one server pool.

For Admin Managed Database :

When you define a service for an administrator managed database, you define which instances support that service. These are known as the PREFERRED instances. You can also define other instances to support a service if the service’s preferred instance fails. These are known as AVAILABLE instances.

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