First we can try with normal method

We cannot change the password for ASM databases via alter user command. Because passwords are managed through password file in ASM. The password should be the one provided when the password file was created, also REMOTE_LOGIN_PASSWORDFILE should be set to EXCLUSIVE on all instances.

So only way to change password would be recreating the password file using orapwd utility or create another ASM DBA user to manage ASM instance. Remember only one default user [sys] will be present in ASM instance. Now if DBA decided to create another user to manage ASM instance, here are my tries

The ORA-15306 error demonstrates that the ASM password file is corrupt. Now remove all the ASM password file from each node. Create the ASM password file manually on the first node and copy to other nodes

Recreate the password file for the ASM instance as follows:

Now sys password is reset, we are ready to use sys for ASM management. I decided to create another user ASMDBA as I tried above.

Remember there is no DBA views you can access in ASM and only way to change password is through orapwd utility.


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