In previous Articles we have seen conversion from Single Instance DB to RAC db using various methods.In this Article we will see conversion of RAC to Normal DB[Single Instance].

Prerequisites :

RAC Instance Node RAC Node Name RAC DB Name RAC Instance Name  Single Instance DB name
Node 1 RAC1 test db1 test
Node 2 RAC2 test db2

Step 1 : Check Status of Database

Step 2 : Stop Database using srvctl

Step 3: Remove Instance from database :

Step 4:  Start database on One Instance :

Step 5 : Disable cluster specific parameters :

Step 6 : Disable thread 2 :

Step 7 : Drop redo logs associated with thread 2 :

Step 8 : Drop undo tablespace asscoiated with thread 2 :

Step 9 : Create pfile from spfile and shutdown database :

Step 10 : Remove all parameters related to db2 from pfile :

Here we can see that I have removed all parameters related to db2.

Step 11 : Create spfile from pfile and start database  :

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