To see overview of ACFS file System ,

Oracle ASM Cluster File System

Step 1 : Basic thing to use ACFS file system is compatible.rdbms, compatible.advm parameter should be set to 11.2 or higher.

I got error while updating compatible.advm parameter , to set compatible.advm to 11.2 we need to first start acfsload with root access.

After starting acfsload I can change compatible.advm successfully.

Now, Parameters are all set .

Step 2 : We need to create volume for acfs :

Step 3: We can check details of newly created volume from sqlplus :

Step 4 : Create  ACFS file system using ORACLE ACFS mkfs command :

Step 5 :  Register file system with the acfsutil registry command [optional] :

Step 6 : Mount File System on specific directory :

Step 7 : we can test the ACFS mount point

Accessing ACFS file system on second node :

Step 1 : Enable volume created on first node with volenable using asmcmd :

Step 2 : Check details using volinfo :

Step 3 : Create directory and mount acfs file system :

Step 4 : View file created with previous node :

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