To remove a node from a which is part of a RAC involves several steps

  1. Stop the database and ASM on particular instance
  2. Remove the database and ASM
  3. Remove the Oracle Database Software
  4. Remove the Clustware
  5. Update the oracle inventory

Current Scenario

Step 1: Stop the instance

Step 2: Remove the instance

Step 3: Disable oracle clusterware on node 3

Step 4: Disable and stop the Listener on node 3

Step 5: Delete the node

Note: Run below command from surviving node

Step 6: Update the inventory for Grid Home

Step 7: Remove the database home

Step 8: Update the inventory for Database Home

Step 9: Post Deletion Steps

Thanks for reading.


  1. raj

    Hi in step 3 you are deconfiguring cluster and in step 4 you are removing vip
    will script not going to remove vip

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