In previous articles we have seen FAN overview Fast Application Notification [FAN] overview

and benefits of using FAN

In this article we will see supported event types of FAN.

  1. Node Down : This event notifies that node is not reachable.The Cluster sends this event when a node is no longer able to accept work.
  2. Service Up: This event notifies that connection pool that a new instance is available for use ,allowing sessions to be created on the new instance. The ServiceUpEvent Client API is supported in the current release of the Oracle RAC FAN APIs, that is, in the simplefan.jar file.
  3. Service Down : The service down events notify that the managed resources are down and currently not available for access.

There are two types of service down events :

  1. Events that indicates a particular instance of a service is down and instance is not able to accept further work.
  2. Events that indicates all-but-one instances of services are down and the service is not able to accept work.

    4. Planned Down : Planned events have this two fields status with down value and reason=user .

Planned down events include all down events except node down event.

5.Load balancing advisory : The load balancing advisory events provide metrics for load balancing algorithms. Load balancing advisories are sent regularly to inform subscribers of the recommended distribution of work among the available nodes.

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