I must thank my fellow DBA Franky Weber Faust for his publication in his blog.

This article provides the information to create new disks to ASM using ASMFD.

In my cluster, I have 2 nodes: london1 and london2.

From one of the ready nodes the newly added shared disk:

Note that this disk has 12GB:

This will be the disk that I will use to store my future database:

With the root user let’s define the environment variables:

Before configuring Grid Infrastructure the command we use is as follows:

Notice that the command fails because ASMFD is already configured, so after the cluster is already created, as is the case here, it is not necessary to use the -init parameter.

Let’s list the discs already presented:

So let’s introduce our new disk now by executing the command correctly:

Once we’ve listed the discs again to see if there was any success in the previous operation:

The DATA01 disk is present in the configuration and can already be used to create a new diskgroup or add to an existing diskgroup.

See that it has the status “PROVISIONED”:

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