After creating 11gR2 RAC database, we wanted to enable multiplexing for the control files. Oracle recommends multiplexing the control files . We are using ASM for the storage of control files.

At the time of creating the database by dbca we can do multiplexing or we can also do later manually as described below.
Goal:- We have control file in the +DATA disk group and we want to also keep it in another disk group +OCR_VOTE for multiplexing.

STEP 1. Check the current control file status by Connecting to the database from any one for the RAC node.

STEP 2. Modify control_files parameter by adding the new disk group

STEP 3. Shutdown the RAC database and start the database in nomount mode.

STEP 4. Check the database to see if new diskgroup has been added to the control_files parameter

STEP 5. Connect to RMAN and use restore command to create a copy of the control file

As you can see above new control file

STEP 6. Use ‘alter system..’ command to modify the control_files parameter

STEP 7. Shutdown the database and start up normal.

The control file has been multiplexed in +DATA and +OCR_VOTE diskgroups.

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