Oracle Clusterware command olsnodes displays node number/status/type/VIP, this is useful but not enough. To clearly display a node’s functional role in 12c, including but not limited to CRSD PE Master/Standby, CTSS/UI/ONS Master as well as Leaf-to-Hub connections etc, is written to automatically present this info in a clear and handy way. You can download the script from Oracle Support: Doc ID 1568439.1

What does the tool do?

12c OLS Utility Tool can automatically list following contents:

  • Cluster inventory, GI&RAC owner/group, databases created
  • Node number, status, role from olsnodes
  • Leaf-to-Hub relationship, i.e., which leaf node connects to which hub node
  • Relationship between ASM instances and all their clients, i.e., what instances connect to an ASM instance
  • Relationship between IOS instances and all their clients, i.e., what instances connect to an IOS instance
  • OCR/CRSD Master node
  • CRSD PE Master node
  • CRSD PE Standby node(s)
  • CTSS Master node
  • UI Master node
  • ONS Master node
  • crsd.bin’s OCR role and its connections to ASM instance, i.e., whether crsd.bin on a node is an OCR Writer or Cache local and which ASM instance it connects to


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