Oracle Clusterware command olsnodes displays node number/status/type/VIP, this is useful but not enough. To clearly display a node’s functional role in 12c, including but not limited to CRSD PE Master/Standby, CTSS/UI/ONS Master as well as Leaf-to-Hub connections etc, is written to automatically present this info in a clear and handy way. You can download the script from Oracle Support: Doc ID 1568439.1

What does the tool do?

12c OLS Utility Tool can automatically list following contents:

  • Cluster inventory, GI&RAC owner/group, databases created
  • Node number, status, role from olsnodes
  • Leaf-to-Hub relationship, i.e., which leaf node connects to which hub node
  • Relationship between ASM instances and all their clients, i.e., what instances connect to an ASM instance
  • Relationship between IOS instances and all their clients, i.e., what instances connect to an IOS instance
  • OCR/CRSD Master node
  • CRSD PE Master node
  • CRSD PE Standby node(s)
  • CTSS Master node
  • UI Master node
  • ONS Master node
  • crsd.bin’s OCR role and its connections to ASM instance, i.e., whether crsd.bin on a node is an OCR Writer or Cache local and which ASM instance it connects to


[grid@host01 oracle]$  ./ -f
Local Time Now :        2018-02-23 08:33:48

The Cluster Nodes are :                 host01, host02, host03, host04, host05
The Local Node is :                     host01
The Remote Nodes are :                  host02, host03, host04, host05

Major Clusterware Software Version is :
Major Clusterware Active Version is :
Major Clusterware Release Version is :

CRS_HOME is installed at :              /u01/app/12.1.0/grid_1
CRS_BASE is installed at :              /u01/app/grid
CRS_OWNER is :                          grid
CRS_GROUP is :                          oinstall

ORACLE_HOMES[0] is installed at :       /u01/app/oracle/product/12.1.0/dbhome_1 (on Local FS)
ORACLE_BASES[0] is installed at :       /u01/app/oracle (on Local FS)
ORACLE_OWNERS[0] is :                   oracle
ORACLE_GROUPS[0] is :                   oinstall

All databases created : orcl

DB_NAME         MANAGEMENT      DB_TYPE         DB_VERSION      DB_HOME                                         DG/FS USED
=======         ==========      =======         ==========      =======                                         ==========
orcl            policy          RAC         /u01/app/oracle/product/12.1.0/dbhome_1         '+DATA'

=========               ======= ==========      =========
host01                  1       Active          Hub
host02                  2       Active          Hub
host03                  3       Active          Hub
host04                  100     Active          Leaf
host05                  101     Active          Leaf

Cluster Name :          cluster01
SCAN Name :   
SCAN Listeners :        LISTENER_SCAN1 (Port: TCP:1521)
                        LISTENER_SCAN2 (Port: TCP:1521)
                        LISTENER_SCAN3 (Port: TCP:1521)
GNS Status :            configured and enabled
GNS Running Node :      host01
GNS Version : 
GNS VIP :     
GNS Subdomain :
GNS-to-DNS  Port :      53
GNS-to-mDNS Port :      5353

Node VIP Version :
Local Node VIPs :     (dynamic DHCP)
           (dynamic DHCP)
           (dynamic DHCP)

                        NIC     Subnet          Netmask         Type
                        ===     ======          =======         ====
Oracle Interfaces :     eth0   global  public
                        eth1   global  cluster_interconnect,asm

                        eth0            eth1
                        ====            ====
host01 :      
host02 :      
host03 :      
host04 :      
host05 :      

OCR Location :          '+DATA'

Voting Disk Location :  '+DATA'

Cluster Mode :          Flex Cluster

Hub Node                                connects                        Leaf Node
========                                ========                        =========
host01(1,Active)                        <---                            None
host02(2,Active)                        <---                            host04(100,Active),host05(101,Active)
host03(3,Active)                        <---                            None

MGMTDB Status :         enabled and is running on host01
MGMTDB HOME :           
MGMTDB Spfile :         '+DATA/_MGMTDB/PARAMETERFILE/spfile.268.968771687'
MGMTDB Instance :       '-MGMTDB'

MGMTLSNR Status :       enabled and is running on host01
MGMTLSNR HOME :         
MGMTLSNR Port :         TCP:1521
Detailed state :

Subnet :      
End points :            TCP:1522
Owner :                 grid
Home :                  
Status :                enabled

=========       ==========      ====    =============   ================        ======= ======= =========       ====
DATA            NORMAL          1MB              27000   10376   3838            /dev/asmdisk1p10
FRA             EXTERN          1MB              8100    7619    7619            /dev/asmdisk1p9

ASM Host                                connects                        Client
========                                ========                        ======
host01(+ASM1)                           <---                            '+ASM1(host01)'
host01(+ASM1)                           <---                            '-MGMTDB(host01)'
host01(+ASM1)                           <---                            'orcl_3(host01)'

host02(+ASM2)                           <---                            '+ASM2(host02)'
host02(+ASM2)                           <---                            'orcl_1(host02)'

host03(+ASM3)                           <---                            '+ASM3(host03)'
host03(+ASM3)                           <--- 'orcl_2(host03)' 
CSS Master : host01 
OCR/CRSD Master : host01 
CRSD PE Master : host01 
CRSD PE Standby : host02 
CTSS Master : host01 
UI Master : host01 
ONS Master : host01 
ONSNET Master : host02 
CHM Master : host01 
CHM Replica : REPLICA has been deprecated from 12c 

OCR Local/Writer connects ASM Instance 
=============== ======== ============ 
host01(Hub,OCR Writer)                  --->                            host01(+ASM1)
host02(Hub,OCR Local)                   --->                            host01(+ASM1)
host03(Hub,OCR Local)                   --->                            host01(+ASM1)
host04(Leaf,OCR Local)                  --->                            host02(+ASM2)
host05(Leaf,OCR Local)                  --->                            host02(+ASM2)

Thank you for giving your valuable time to read the above information.

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