Being an Oracle DBA we have learned about the db instance in Oracle database. As we know db instance has shutdown mode. In this post, we are going to have look at Oracle ASM Instance.

The ASM shutdown process is initiated when you run the SHUTDOWN command in SQL*Plus. While running this command we must ensure that the ORACLE_SID and ORACLE_HOME environment variables are sets.

NOTE:-  Oracle strongly recommends that you shut down all database instances that use the ASM instance before attempting the shut down the ASM Instance.



The following list describes the SHUTDOWN command parameters relevant to ASM.

  • NORMAL:- ASM waits for any in-process SQL to complete before dismounting all the disk groups and shutting down the ASM instance.  ASM waits for all the currently connected users to disconnect from the instance. If any database instances are connected to the ASM instance, the SHUTDOWN command returns an error and leaves the ASM instance running. By default shutdown mode.
  • IMMEDIATE or TRANSACTIONAL:- ASM waits for any in-process SQL to complete before dismounting all the disks groups an shutting down the ASM instance. ASM does not wait for users currently connected to the instance to disconnect.
  • ABORT:- This ASM instance immediately shuts down without the orderly dismount of disk groups. This causes recovery to occur in the next ASM startup.

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  1. Peter Karandeniya

    can be a good idea to add the check of the databases using this asm instance.
    sqlplus / as sysasm
    SQL>set linesize 132
    SQL>col instance_name for a10
    SQL>select distinct(instance_name), db_name, status, software_version from v$asm_client where instance_name not like (‘-%’) and instance_name not like (‘+%’);

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