The goal here is to rename the DATA diskgroup to DG_PROD_DATA – here is the situation before the rename operation :

1) First of all, the desired diskgroup needs to be dismounted (from each node if this is a RAC configuration):

2) Verify that the desired diskgroup was dismounted:

3) Then execute the rename statement:

4) Finally, mount the renamed diskgroup and validate that it was mounted (on each node if this is a RAC configuration):


6) Name disks all

IMPORTANT : With renamedg the diskgroup name changes. As the ASM File names ( like datafiles / controlfiles etc), include the diskgroups name, you need to take care ( update pfile or rename datafiles ) from the RDBMS instance, after renamedg.


  1. Agam

    please confirm in step 5 and 6, you are using diskgroup name RECO, but in above steps diskgroup name is DATA. it must be same ?

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