Manual Creation of Database is a big task for DBA. This is the initial steps for setup the IT project. We know that we can create the database in two ways one is DBCA and another is  Manual. Creation of Database in RAC environment different from the Standalone database. In this post we are going have look on those steps which are used to Create RAC Database Manually.


It is always recommended to create a database in RAC using DBCA only (GUI). But for some reason, if  you want to create manually, then follow below steps:

In this article, we will create a database in a 2 node RAC. Database name will be DBATST with instance names DBATST1,DBATST2.

1. Prepare a init file:(as below)

2. Start the db in Nomount:

3. Create the database :

4. Create another undo tablespace for other nodes

5. Create USERS tablespace:

6. Create CATALOG and CATPROC components:

7. Run below additional scripts:

8. Create JVM component:

9. Create cluster related views:

10. Enable archive log mode:

11. Add the redo thread for another node :

12. add the cluster_database parameter in init file.

13. Create spfile in diskgroup:

14.Update the initDBATST1.ora in dbs location

15. Run utlrp.sql

16. Shutdown database:

17. add the database to CRS:

18. Start the database:

Thank you for giving your valuable time to read the above information.

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  2. Mango

    Great Article.I implemented these steps to indeed create a RAC Database …..Step 8 Should be run as SYS.You could mention that.I understood that.But the article will be great if you could mention that. Also for Step number 17 i had to use Doc ID 2021520.1 and get it working.All in all a great article

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