Here I would be discussing how to upgrade Oracle 11gR2 ( Grid Infrastructure to Oracle 12cR2 ( on the same server. This upgrade process was done on Linux 6 (x86_64).

1. Before the GI upgrade backup the OCR manually. This could be used in downgrading the GI from to later one.

If you want to know how we install database to 12cr2 click here.

2.Download the Oracle Grid Infrastructure image file , create the Grid home directory, and extract the image files in this Grid home directory.

    $ mkdir -p /u01/app/12.2.0/grid
    $ chown oracle:oinstall /u01/app/12.2.0/grid
    $ cd /u01/app/12.2.0/grid
    $ unzip -q

3.  Before the upgrade check GI active version is and upgrade state

4. Verify the prerequisites with “runcluvfy” stage -pre crsinst -upgrade -rolling -src_crshome /u01/app/11.2.0/grid -dest_crshome /u01/app/12.2.0/grid -dest_version -fixup -verbose

While pre-checking I found there was some prerequisites missing.

a) In 12cr2, we need 8GB of RAM per node, as I have my test lab, so I will gone to ignore this.

b) There was a bug on NTP (PRVG-13602) confirmed by support with bug number (24314803) but unfortunately this bug fix is not release, they confirmed to ignore this and go further.

c) There is must be July 2016  PSU or later installed before proceed for upgrading.

5. Run the installer and select upgrade GI to continue the upgrade on OUI.
Starting with Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12c Release 2 (12.2), the Oracle Grid Infrastructure software is available as an image file for download and installation. You must extract the image software into the directory where you want your Grid home to be located, and then run the script to start the Oracle Grid Infrastructure installation.

To use upgrade Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a cluster:

Start the Grid Setup Wizard:

$ Grid_home/

On the Select Installation Option page, select Upgrade Oracle Grid Infrastructure.

On the Oracle Grid Infrastructure Node Selection page, review the nodes you want to upgrade. Additionally, you can choose not to upgrade nodes that are down.
Continue adding your information on the remaining wizard pages.

Note: we need to create same directory on the both the nodes so that remote operations will successfully completed.


As I told earlier we can ignore NTP related issues.

For the output log, Node1, Node2

6. After upgrade we can status of software version and CRS.

As we completed the upgrade from 11204 to 12201.

Next we can upgrade the oracle database 11204 to 12201 manually or with DBUA


  1. Naresh

    Hi Skant Sir,

    Can you also publish command line upgrade steps of Rac database with grid upgrade.
    You article is very perfect and easy to understand .Great job doing .

  2. Raj

    Thanks for steps and details!
    Need help on upgrade 11gr2 two node RAC(Database) to 12c two node rac upgrade
    If you have any article related to that please share.
    Note- We have 12c grid and 11gr2 DB running on that

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