RMAN Backup With Archivelog

This post is  about how to take RMAN Backup With Archivelog

Note: This will backup all archivelog file and delete those from a target location. If we physically delete some archivelog file before backup then we have to execute the following command before backup-

Some other Options:

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RMAN-08137 on Primary Database although Archive Destination

This article is about RMAN-08137. We are going to learn how do we can solve this issue. Let’s have look at the steps to solve this issue. RMAN does not delete ArchiveLogs on Primary Database when the State of the Archive Destination to the Standby Database is set to ‘defer’. When trying to delete ArchiveLogs, this Error is […]

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Archivelog in Oracle Database

Today we are going to learn about the most important element of Oracle Database which come’s much important after it’s backbone.Being Oracle DBA we must aware of Archive logs.Now we are going to have look at the technical definition of archive log. An archived redo log file is a copy of one of the filled members of a […]

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Archive log delete input and delete all input

Archive log mode :  This mode created backup of all transactions that have occurred in the database , so that you can recover your database to any point in time. These logs consumes space in respective destination. To utilize storage , we can remove archive log with RMAN command delete input or delete all input […]

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Enable Archive Log Mode In Oracle RAC

Today we are going to have look on the steps which we use for “Enable Archive Log Mode In Oracle RAC”. Being Oracle DBA we all know the importance of Archive Log Mode. This few line explains the technical definition for the quick review of Archive Log Mode. Most of the High Availability features of Oracle require you to […]

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Archive Redo log

As DBA We all know backups play an important role in business operations but in some case backup also get corporate than we can not make database alive. To solve this kind of issue Oracle recommends us to keep a database in archive log mode. To preserve redo information, create archived copies of redo log files […]

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