Archive log mode : 

This mode created backup of all transactions that have occurred in the database , so that you can recover your database to any point in time. These logs consumes space in respective destination.

To utilize storage , we can remove archive log with RMAN command delete input or delete all input for archive log backed up by RMAN.

1. backup archivelog all delete input.

Let us consider I have 3 archiving detination ‘/dest1′,’/dest2’ and ‘/dest3’ .

When we use delete input command , RMAN would delete the specific archived redo log files that it backed up.

For example RMAN would delete archived logs from ‘/dest1’ if those were the files used as the source of the backup, but it would leave archive log of the ‘/dest2’ and ‘/dest3’ intact.

2. backup archivelog all delete all input.

As per above consideration of archiving destination , In this case RMAN backs up only one copy of each log sequence number in these directories, and then deletes all copies of any log that it backed up from the archiving destinations.

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