Backup CDB and PDBs

Introduction of Multitenant Architecture In this article, we will see how we can take RMAN backup of whole CDB and for the single pluggable database. To take RMAN backup of the whole CDB we can simply take backup by connecting to target as container database and backup database command. Let us see by example : CDB […]

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Startup and Shutdown CDB and PDBs

In previous post we have seen various ways to connect with CDB and PDB. Establish Connection in CDB and PDB In this post we will see how we can Start and shutdown particular PDB and how to Start and shut down whole CDB. 1. How to Start Pluggable database There are two ways possible a) […]

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Establish Connection in CDB and PDB

When it comes to Multi-tenant architecture,  one question that comes to our mind is how to connect to container database and pluggable database. Today we will see all possible way to connect to the container database. Obviously, we connect database using service name for the non-local connection. When we create CDB, a service is created […]

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Plugging Non-CDB to CDB

In this article, we will see how we can plug the Non-CDB database as a Pluggable Database in a Container Database. Step 1: Check non-cdb Database

Step 2: Gracefully shut down Non-CDB database and open it in READ ONLY stage

Step 3 : Call DBMS_PDB.DESCRIBE procedure, that will create the XML file


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Manually Create and configure CDB database and PDB database

In the previous article, we can see that the architecture of multitenant. In this post, we will configure manually CDB and PDB. Introduction of Multitenant Architecture Step 1: create initmycdb.ora

Step 2: Create necessary directories.

Step 3: export ORACLE_SID and start the database in the nomount stage

Step 4: Create a script […]

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Describe the CDB root and pluggable database containers

In the previous article, we have explored Multitenant architecture. Introduction of Multitenant Architecture We have heard this word container database and pluggable database many times after 12c came into the market. Today we will see what does it mean by a pluggable database and container database. Container Database and Pluggable Database : In a multi-tenant […]

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