In previous post we have seen various ways to connect with CDB and PDB.

Establish Connection in CDB and PDB

In this post we will see how we can Start and shutdown particular PDB and how to Start and shut down whole CDB.

1. How to Start Pluggable database

There are two ways possible

a) Connect to the pluggable database

Issue startup command

b) Connect to CDB$ROOT and give the following command

2. How to stop a pluggable database

We can shut down pluggable database in two ways. First is traditional method issuing shut down command after connecting to pluggable database using proper privilege.

a) Connect to a pluggable database

Issue shutdown command.

b) Connect to CDB$ROOT and give the following command to shut down the pluggable database

We can also close all pluggable database using the following command

To close all PDBs except some PDBs we can use PDBs.

3. Starting CDB database

4. Shut down CDB

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