DG Broker Activities Part – I

We have configured DG Broker in the Previous article. In this article, we will see scenarios that we can handle with DGMGRL command prompt. To see how to configure DG broker. Configure DG broker 1. Change LogXptmode We can set LogXptMode to SYNC or ASYNC as per protection mode. Syntax :

2. Enable/disable APPLY […]

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Manual Failover in Data Guard

We understood roles of the database in the previous article and explored SwitchOver of database roles. Manual SwitchOver in Oracle   In this article, we will see FailOver of the Database role. When we have planned maintenance activity we can simply switch roles of Primary and Standby database. But what if Primary Database crashes and […]

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Role Transition Switchover and Failover

In Data Guard environment your database operates in one of two Role. 1.Primary Database 2.Standby Database. To know more about it¬†Oracle Dataguard You can have Physical, Logical or Snapshot database in Standby role. Primary and Standby roles are mutually exclusive. With Data Guard role management service we can change this role dynamically and can achieve […]

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