We have configured DG Broker in the Previous article. In this article, we will see scenarios that we can handle with DGMGRL command prompt.

To see how to configure DG broker.

Configure DG broker

1. Change LogXptmode

We can set LogXptMode to SYNC or ASYNC as per protection mode.

Syntax :

2. Enable/disable APPLY at DR

Set apply on:

3. Enable/disable TRANSPORT

4. Switchover

We can perform switchover operation using just one command with DGMGRL.

5. Failover

Use fail over command :

6.  Re-instate after the fail over

After failover operation your Primary Database becomes unusable. We can reinstate Primary Database so that will get Physical Standby Role then.

Step 2: open old primary in mount mode

Step  3: REINSTATE database with DGMGRL

Check configuration :

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